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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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coverage tonight and we will begin with "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos. >> reporter: all morning and afternoon federal agents have been filling this penske truck with evidence, center of the federal investigation, ibew local union number 98. boxes of evidence, being carted off by federal agents. all of this coming from the union hall and offices of the boss john dougherty. sources tell cbs-3 news that the fbi is serving search warrants on at least ten different locations, including international brotherhood of electrical workers headquarters, ibew, local 98 on spring garden street as well as dougherty's offices at third and jackson. >> what exactly the fbi and other investigators think they have have, i am at a loss. >> reporter: union spokesperson frank kiehl watching agents remove the evidence, boxes labeled as tax records, investments, payroll,
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more than 100 boxes and some computers, loaded on to this yellow truck. >> listen, he is johnny, he has nothing to hide. he doesn't know what this is all about. his spirits good are. >> reporter: fbi not releasing any information about the nature of this investigation, mayor jim kenney also seems to be in the dark about what the feds are targeting. >> unaudible. >> sources tell us that these ten separate investigative probes are only to gather evidence, right now, no arrests will be made. the reporting here at 17th and spring garden i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". agent raided a warehouse in camden county. chopper three over mjk electrical building in berlin. fbi confirms this is part of the same investigation, but have not released any other details.
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including in the other locations targeted by federal agents are three places associated with john dougherty, they searched his homes and businessness south philadelphia, today, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live from the neighborhood in south philadelphia with that part of the coverage tonight, alex. >> reporter: natasha, labor leader is well men and well loved in this community as federal agents removed in and outside of his home past neighbors were yelling out support for a man they know as johnny dock. ibew local 98 union boss john dougherty watched casually as federal investigators entered in and out of his south philadelphia home, and that of a family member next door. >> you know what i do, okay. i have been doing it. i haven't done it anything differently. everything i have been doing i have been doing for 25 years around here. >> reporter: dougherty said they would not find anything more than what they found in 2006 when the home was searched due to an investigation in the electrical contractor. the only thing that has change are tomato plants.
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>> i have been under scrutiny my whole life. main because i win too much. >> reporter: back in february dougherty was accused of hitting a non-union worker during an argument in the south philadelphia construction site. surveillance video shows an altercation but not the alleged incident. dougherty claims self-defense, charges were never filed. >> that was nothing more than a physical altercation on a construction site and 200 of those happen a day in philadelphia alone. >> reporter: as for the search about half dozen boxes were removed from the two dougherty family homes and at least two more from the family business located just several blocks away, dock's union pub, but it was unclear what was obtained and for what reason. the search here and at the bar, took about five hours. reporting from south philadelphia,al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another target of the federal raid was city councilman bobby henon who has strong ties to local 98, agents searched his offices at
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city hall and also on torresdale avenue in mayfair. henon an electrician by trade, now serves as council majority leader. before being elect in 2011, he served as ibew political director. of course, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the federal raids, we will have the latest tonight on "eyewitness news" and also, anytime on line, on our web site at cbs there are new developments surrounding the unrest in turkey that have ties to our area. lawyers for turkish cleric fethullah golan say they fear for an attack on his life. turkey accused him of orchestrating the coup attempt there. golan denies any involvement. >> he condemned this coup the way he condemned every other coup in turkey. again, for mr. golan to be involved, he would have to be acting in consistent with everything that he has done in his entire adult life.
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>> turkey has not yet made an formal extradition request. u.s. asked turkey for evidence of golan's investment. attorney general kathleen kaine out of the 2100 suspected child predators in pennsylvania, her office has arrested hundreds of them since she took office in 203. she announced the 500th arrest at a news conference in montgomery county today. >> this is a staggering figure, and it is a disturbing figure, but it is a figure that we are proud to report that we have taken a 25 percent cut in the number of chimed sexual predators here in pennsylvania. >> and also says that the state's child predator unit only made 19 arrests in the year before she led the attorney general's office. also the pennsylvania supreme court paved way for kathleen kane criminal trial next week to go on as plan. state's top court denied kane's emergency petition to have charges against her dropped. she's accused of leaking secret grand jury information
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and then lying bit under oath. jury selection for kane's perjury trial gets underway in norristown on monday. parts of the philadelphia will be shut down for i day next month as part of the event called philly free streets, the event was inspired in part by pope francis visit to philadelphia, and many streets were closed to cars, that you will recall and people seemed to love it. today city council officials, city official announced upcoming plans for a one day event during which miles of streets will be closed again. >> on september 24th philly free streets will open seven plus miles of streets for children, families and adults to walk, bike, and and play to enjoy the cities parks and rivers. >> the event will include free family friendly fit, fitness activities, educational programming, about our cities waterways, public art, architectures and a lot more. it has been a beautiful friday, in the delaware valley but there could be nasty weather in store for parts of the area this weekend.
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meteorologist kate bilo outside on the skies deck tracking possibility of pretty nasty storms, right kate. >> that is right, and in fact it feels strange to think about that because right now it feels so great on you here. humidity still low, nice breeze and sunnies shining but overnight we will feel dew points rise, humidity increase, tomorrow is much hotter and by tomorrow afternoon we are tracking threat for locally strong storms. lets look at storm scan three right now and see those showers and storms firing up over west virginia, those are out ahead of the main front, main front will come through for us tomorrow afternoon line you see there split over portions of ohio, and eastern canada in the meantime we are enjoying a beautiful friday evening, few more cloud, and 77, and cloud cover, this lancaster but nice warm 83 in philadelphia. seventy-nine in allentown, 80 degrees in millville. as we head into tomorrow, much of the northeast is in a marginal risk for severe weather, anyplace in green we do run risk for locally,
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strong, or severe thunderstorms, anyone of these strong storms could produce damaging wind and heavy rainfall. coming up we will have timing on those storms, seven day spoiler look forward to sunday, plus a few more days next week i'll tell you which ones day to look out for is, of course, tomorrow with the threat for storms, more on that when i join you inside. >> see you then, thank you. still to come tonight, danger down the shore what you need to know about the rip current warnings, that have been issued for this weekend. plus we are all about that jazz tonight, in philadelphia, we will take you to penns landing, for some of the smooth sound. leslie. well, local products gets ready to join football's elite and injuries continue to pile up at eagles training camp, we now have four starters on the mend i'll have details coming up in sport.
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a, rip current advisory is in effect down the shore. >> "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, traveled to the beach in atlantic city where he saw first hand the danger rip currents pose. >> reporter: only takes a moment for fun day at the beach to take a turn for the worst. >> my life flashed in front of my eyes. >> reporter: as we talk with the beach patrol about a advisory latoyia jackson from philadelphia, almost became a victim. they launched a rescue boat and others through the surf while she was trying to regain her footing. >> the water was pulling me and i'm trying to swim out.
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i could swim but that was crazy. >> reporter: this is last two days atlantic city life guard performed 60 rescues. and moved hundreds of people out of the way from rip currents. >> you can go from waist deep to over your head, you know, very quick. >> reporter: chief downey says his leave guard are always ready to respond but he prefers swimmer pay bet's tension to the life guard. >> everything is perfectly fine. they don't know what we are blowing at. we are blowing them out of the areas. >> reporter: rip currents are brown sandy areas a long the shoreline where water recedes out to sea. they are often along jetties but can pop up anywhere and that was the case for jackson who received help from two good samaritans. >> she started to go under. he put his arm up and we held her up, it is pretty strong out there. >> reporter: nearly all drownings happened after life guard go home for the day. so if you wanting to swimming in the evening make sure you find out if your town has a protective beach in the after hours. in atlantic city, cleve bryan,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". yes, leslie joins news sports, heading over to eagles camp and, things don't get started until next week. >> i know, what is going on. body count starting to add up, yesterday we have mal conn jenkins and jason peters. today defensive lineman mike morgan and marcus smith left, martin with the knee sprain, submit with the concussion. also we have lefters zach ertz and jordan matthews both injured when they were hit low during a live drill by rookies blake countless and jalen mills. the despite these injuries, head coach doug pederson says it is just part of the football. >> football is a contact sport. this will happen. whether it happens today or whether it happens thursday night, it is part of the game and i'm a big believer you never shy away from contact. you got to have contact. >> reporter: now baseball after winning two out of three with the giants phillies begin a six game west coast trip with the padres, jeremy
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hellickson on the mound for phillies. fill difficulties not trade him at the trade deadline they did not the get what they wanted plus he does pitch a lot of innings. the phillies won five out of his six starts and had 2.39 era. meanwhile tom brady speaking for first time after dropping his appeal in deflate gate, and patriots, first four games of the season after commissioner roger goodell suspended him for using under inflated footballs. so tom explained why he decided to drop the a peel. >> it was a, you know, personal decision. i tried to come out here and focus on what i need to do to get better and help our team. i will be excited to be back when i'm back. i will be cheering our team on, hoping to win every game. >> pro football hall of fame festivity, roman catholic star marvin harrison received his gold jacket. he played, 13 seasons for indianapolis and holds the colts records for most catches, yard, touchdowns.
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he also holds nfl record for most receptions in the season, and he will be inducted tomorrow. congratulations. >> hall of fame game, we have pro football tomorrow, through february. >> yeah. >> it is here of the every weekend. >> thanks, leslie. kate has the forecast. we will check with torey in penns landing. folks will be out there for jazz. good night. >> really good night. looks beautiful. a few clouds are starting to move in but that is a all we're seeing, just a few patchy clouds here and there further east you go, clearer it is, further west more clouds tonight but it is really tomorrow that we will dodge some potentially strong storms. lets look outside right now, down the shore where sunnies still shining and hazy, hot and humid, tide coming in ocean city and as we mentioned rip current risk is around as we head in the weekend so folks out in the surf possibly after life guards go home, heed those warnings and keep an eye on the kid playing in the waves. it looks different out toward
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reading, where cloud have come in a bit. it is overcast. 79 degrees there kutztown area middle school also looking cloudy a and then look at things to come as this front approaches from the west. over the city hazy but we are seeing sunshine blue skies 81 degrees. storm scan three shows us cloud cover that has popped up as this system approaches, here's the front we are looking at, all the way back here but out ahead pulling in more moisture. these showers and storms could impact areas to the the south, and that is tomorrow that we have to worry about. as far as comfort is concerned, dew points are still in the lower 60's, they have not spike yet, still feels great outside, current dew point puts us in the not bad range but we will jump overnight tomorrow morning into the line between oppressive and insufferable which is not a place anybody wants to be. future dew points showing that moistening really 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. dew points 73 in philadelphia. it stays there right through saturday afternoon. good news once storms move out dew points drop off quickly and sunday's dew points in the
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50's which puts us right in the pleasant to awesome range. we have got a little bit of everything as far as humidity is concern over next two to three days. we will start tomorrow with clouds, possibly again that stray early morning shower to the south, not most sunny start tour saturday, we will see some sundown the shore and here and there in the morning but hazy hot and humid day 4:00 p.m. when strong to severe thunderstorms crosses city of philadelphia and by six or 7:00 we will see showers and storms continue to push south and east, and they won't be every where but any of these storms can pack a punch. if you are planning your weekend tomorrow morning, more cloud then sun, very is very steamy out there, if you want to play golf, go out for a run, not very comfortable. if you are taking between the two daisy would definitely choose sunday. time to pinpoint for storms 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. saturday when it looks like storms will move through northwest to south east. the as far as tonight is concern the clouds increasing and stays muggy we won't drop below 73.
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definitely in the like past few nights where you can leave air conditioning off. tomorrow hot and humid 90 degrees with afternoon thunderstorms, some locally heavy. down the shore we have 88 degrees. water temperatures in the mid 70's and that rip current risk is moderate with the southwest wind at ten to 20 miles an hour. as we head through the shore in the poconos this is for tomorrow, 88 down the shore with afternoon and evening storms. poconos mostly cloudy with a chance for stray thunderstorms as well midday high there right around 8o your seven day forecast, looks pretty great, once we get storms out tomorrow, sunday sun which low humidity, beautiful summer day 87 degrees. monday, tuesday, wednesday looking nice and heat up and steams up on thursday and friday and then by end of the next week we could see thunderstorm creeping in but we have had a great stretch to the forecast. >> lovely. >> real strong. >> still to come tonight some smooth jazz. >> and torey is out at penns landing where it is all happening right now, hi,
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torey. hi you guys, me, cher, we are hanging, rapping and rocking and we know, youe key, where you at, all of the tea tails on summer jazz, summer nights, smooth jazz summer nights when we come right
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construction on philadelphia's new museum of the american revolution is coming along rather nicely. >> today workers began installing giant stone letters that will display the name of the museum, eye witt the necessary news on the corner of third and chestnut in olde city, new museum is set to open to the public, in april of next year. well, "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> maurice dubois is in for scott pelley tonight, maurice. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news" donald trump takes his campaign to battle ground states as polls show hillary clinton widening her lead. plus answering the call, after a gunman killed five dallas police officers, an overwhelming response, from
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those who want to serve. and steve hartman with the little 1 horsepower engine, that could, tonight, on the "cbs eveni [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
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and they need to stick to it. how bending a workweek on
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a mellow net on this friday night. >> vittoria woodill is all for that of course, she's live on penns landing where people are getting ready to enjoy the sweet sound of smooth jazz on this beautiful evening, hi, torey. >> i'm a little overwhelmed, i'm blown away, by the music and entertainment tonight. we are live, we are live here, here is the smooth jazz, summer night, kick off, here we go, every week, they aring having line ups of amazing entertainers, celebrating jazz, hundreds of people are out and about to celebrate this music and celebrate summer in the best place that you can do that, that is penns landing, am i right. >> yes, you are. >> thank you so much. >> to tell you more, check this out. >> ♪ i got sunshine on my mind, i got sunshine all the time, i got sunshine every where, i go, and i want to you know ♪ >> that is a taste of what is in store for 20th season of smooth jazz summer nights at penns landing. >> every friday night, in
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august, it is a free, free concert series, thanks to our wonderful sponsors. >> reporter: tonight get ready for let it shine. >> let it shine. >> chester's own avery sunshine. >> i will do songs from both of my albums, my first album avery sunshine, and part of me, sunshine, my second album, sun room, see you when you get there. i will give them everything that i have, this is my first time at home like this doing what i love to do. >> a love of music that she shares with her fans that follow her. >> there are people that are already here. >> right. >> that i mean is it, they have been here since yesterday. >> they have not been here since yesterday. >> okay, maybe this morning. >> i'm from virginia, you know, wow. >> you know better. >> i'm from delaware, she came up to visit me. i said we will go visit avery. >> all for you. >> all for you.
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>> i swear. >> that just hit you right there. >> that is what makes what we dough so important, times i want to stop to say listen, i have enough, this independent thing is a pain in my behind. that is stuff that remind me is there one person that has been moved or touched by had we do we have to keep doing it. >> that is why they will be doing it every single week, let me tell you something, avery sunshine is fantastic. she was you the here earlier on. we are waiting in suspense to watch her do it again. if you want more information about the line up of jazz entertainers that will be out here at penns landing get to cbs philly to the come. ukee and natasha we are waiting on you. we have lots to celebrate. >> i will be right down, indeed, get me some sunshine indeed. >> thanks, fore thanks for watching at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at ten on the cw fill and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", filling in for scott pelley tonight is maurice dubois, stay tuned family, we
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will see you tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: battling back. >> i've been told by so many people that know me-- under pressure, donald, that's when you do the best. >> dubois: donald trump takes his struggling campaign to battleground states as polls show hillary clinton widening her lead. also tonight, chicago on edge as video is released in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. another infection in the miami zika zone as fear grows among pregnant women. >> my one job is to protect this baby. >> dubois: and steve hartman on the track? >> steve hartman, known by brian carcky.


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